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Proteins and Codon-optimized cDNAs
  • Viral Antigen
  • Bacterial Antigen  
  • Kinase  
  • Bacterial Toxin        
  • Parasite Antigen
  • Cancer-related Protein
  • Transcription Factor
  • Human Phosphatase
  • Stem Cell and Development  
  • Signal Transduction
  • CD Marker
  • Drug  metabolism  
  • Neuroscience  
  • Common Disease
  • Cytokine
  • Allergy Protein
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Bio-Magnetic Purification
A Powerful Tool
for Life Science Research
  • gDNA, cDNA, PCR, Plasmid DNA,
  • Antibody, Peptidde,protein
  • His-,GST-fusion protein
  • Endotoxin  removal
  • Streptavidin, monoavidin
  • Affinity Magnetic Beads -quick  
    conjugation of any molecules
  • Ion Exchange Beads-WAX, SAX, WCX,
  • Reversed-Phase Beads: C4, C8, C18
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Gene Synthesis
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  • 100% Accuracy
  • Codon Optimization: Free
  • Cloning into Any Vector: Free
  • Turnaround Time: 15 Days
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Recombinant Protein Production &
  • Just send us your  DNA template
    or Expression-ready Clone, we will return
    your highly-purified protein with low cost
Conjugation to Magnetic Beads
  • Send us your samples, we will conjugate
    them to our magnetic beads with low cost.
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Magnetic Separator
Affinity Magnetic Beads
Magnetic affinity chromatography is a very unique tool in biochemistry, clinical chemistry, environmental testing, and
pharmaceutical science. It has been widely used for quick and efficient purification and analysis of compounds from complex
biological samples with minimal nonspecific adsorption. The procedure is very simple but highly efficient.

1. Linker length
The length of a linker may be critical for successful interaction between a ligand and its complementary macromolecule because
a ligand directly conjugated to magnetic beads may not protrude far enough from the beads surface to reach the binding site of
the complementary macromolecule (Fig.1). Bioclone provides two types of linkers: Long-arm and short-arm.  Long-arm
magnetic beads are recommended for coupling lower molecular weight ligands, while both short and long-arm magnetic beads
can be used for conjugation of larger molecular weight ligands.

2. Functional groups
Bioclone offers a spectrum of carefully selected affinity magnetic beads attached with a variety of activated or reactive functional
groups which can be used to covalently conjugate almost any custom ligands. To choose the right type of beads is crucial for
successful affinity purification. Fig.2 gives an outline for selection of various activated beads for specific applications. . For each
individual application, users may need to optimize the working conditions to achieve the best coupling efficiency.

3). Coupling conditions
Coupling conditions such as pH, temperature, and buffer may influence the ligand stability and coupling efficiency. Some ligands
may only be dissolved in certain organic solvents.  For each individual application, user has to select the appropriate beads
according to the chemical properties of each ligand.

4). Affinity Purification
Once the ligands are conjugated to the magnetic beads, the beads can be used in immune precipitation (IP) or cell and
pathogen isolation (Fig 3)
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DNA/RNA Purification
Recombinant Protein
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Small Molecules
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Peptide Immobilization
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Affinity Purification
Beads Selection Guide
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    or Gene name, or Protein Name, or Accession Number
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Magnetic Beads and Applications
Affinity Magnetic Beads
Amine Magnetic Beads >>>
Aldehyde Magnetic Beads >>>
Carboxy Magnetic Beads  >>>
CDI Magnetic Bead s>>>
DVS Magnetic Beads  >>>
DADPA Magnetic Beads >>>
Epoxy  Magnetic Beads >>>
Hydrazide Magnetic Beads >>>
Hydroxy Magnetic Beads >>>
Iodoacetyl Magnetic Beads >>>
NHS Magnetic Beads >>>
Sulfhydry Magnetic Beads  >>>
Tosyl Magnetic Beads  >>>
Thiol Magnetic Beads  >>>
Silica Magnetic Beads  >>>
IDA Magnetic Beads >>>
Reversed-Phase  Beads
C4 Magnetic Beads  >>>
C8 Magnetic Beads  >>>
C18 Magnetic Beads  >>>
Cyanopropyl Magnetic Beads  >>>
Phenyl Magnetic Beads  >>>
diPhenyl Magnetic Beads  >>>
Ion Exchange Beads
DEAE  Magnetic Beads  >>>
PSA Magnetic Beads  >>>
SAX Magnetic Beads  >>>
WCX Magnetic Beads  >>>
SCX Magnetic Beads  >>>
Hydroxyapatite  Beads  >>>
Antibody Purification & IP
Protein A Magnetic Beads  >>>
Protein G Magnetic Beads  >>>
Protein A/G  Beads  >>>
Protein L Magnetic Beads  >>>
Quick IgG Pure Beads >>>
Antigen Peptide  Beads >>>
Quick IgM Pure Beads >>>
Anti-IgG Beads >>>
  • Quick IgA Pure Bead
Thiophillic Magnetic Beads  >>>
Antibody Immobilization
Protein A Magnetic Beads  >>>
Protein G Magnetic Beads  >>>
Protein A/G  Beads  >>>
Protein L Magnetic Beads  >>>
Epoxy Magnetic Beads  >>>
Aldehyde Magnetic Beads  >>>
Hydrazide Magnetic Beads  >>>
Carboxy Magnetic Beads  >>>
Iodoacetyl Magnetic Beads  >>>
Thiol Magnetic Beads  >>>
Recombinant Protein Purification
Ni+ Charged Beads
Co+ Charged Beads
Calmodulin Beads
Peptide Immobilization
Epoxy Magnetic Beads  >>>
Aldehyde Magnetic Beads  >>>
Carboxyl Magnetic Beads  >>>
Amine Magnetic Beads  >>>
Iodoacetyl Magnetic Beads  >>>
Thiol Magnetic Beads  >>>
DNA/RNA Purification
DNA/RNA Immobilization to Magnetic Beads
Endotoxin Removal Magnetic Beads
Small Molecule Immobilization
Magnetic Beads
Carbohydrate Immobilization
Magnetic Beads
Epoxy Magnetic Beads  >>>
Aldehyde Magnetic Beads  >>>
Hydrazide Magnetic Beads  >>>
DVS Magnetic Beads  >>>
Abundant Protein Removal
  • HSA Removal
  • IgG Removal
  • HSA/IgG Removal
  • Abundant-10 Protein
  • Abundant-22 Protein
Cell Isolation
  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Cell
  • Parasites
EDTA-Magnetic BEads
  • NTP/Oligonucleotides
  • Enzyme
  • Antibody
  • Peptide
  • Boronic Acid
  • Disulfide Reductants
IDA-Magnetic Beads