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  • Cancer-related Protein
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Bio-Magnetic Purification
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  • gDNA, cDNA, PCR, Plasmid DNA,
  • Antibody, Peptidde,protein
  • His-,GST-fusion protein
  • Endotoxin  removal
  • Streptavidin, monoavidin
  • Affinity Magnetic Beads -quick  
    conjugation of any molecules
  • Ion Exchange Beads-WAX, SAX, WCX,
  • Reversed-Phase Beads: C4, C8, C18
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Gene Synthesis
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  • 100% Accuracy
  • Codon Optimization: Free
  • Cloning into Any Vector: Free
  • Turnaround Time: 15 Days
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Recombinant Protein Production &
  • Just send us your  DNA template
    or Expression-ready Clone, we will return
    your highly-purified protein with low cost
Conjugation to Magnetic Beads
  • Send us your samples, we will conjugate
    them to our magnetic beads with low cost.
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Magnetic Separator
Product specificities
Silica-coated iron oxide magnetic beads  Conjugated  with monoavidin on the surface
Bead Size
1µm diameter
Number of Beads
~1.7 x 108 beads/mg
Surface Area
~100 m2/g
~40 EMU/g
Type of Magnetization
Effective Density
2.5 g/ml
pH 4-10;Temperature:  4°C -140°C; Most organic solvents
10 mg/ml
Binding Capacity
Biotinylated BSA / ml of Beads
Biotinylate single-stranded olligonucleotides
~ 2,000 pmoles /ml
Store at 4°C upon receipt.  Do not freeze
Order Information
Pkg. Size
BcMag™ Monomer Avidin Kit
Kit components:   
2   ml         BcMagTM  Monomer  Avidin  Magnetic  beads
20 ml         1x Blocking / Elution Buffer
20 ml         1x Regeneration Buffer
15 ml         10x PBS buffer
BcMag  Monomer  Avidin  Magnetic  beads
5ml (10mg/ml)
BcMag™  Monomer  Avidin  Magnetic  beads
10ml (10mg/ml)
BcMag™  Monomer  Avidin  Magnetic  beads
50ml (10mg/ml)
Large volume  available, Please call for quotation
Magnetic Beads and Applications
Affinity Magnetic Beads
  • Amine-terminated
  • Aldehyde-terminated
  • Carboxyl-terminated
  • CDI-activated
  • DVS-activated
  • DADPA-terminated
  • Epoxy-activated
  • Hydrazide-terminated
  • Hydroxyl-terminated
  • Iodoacetyl-activated
  • NHS-activated
  • Sulfhydryl-terminated
  • Tosyl-activated
  • Thiol-activated
  • Silica
Reversed-Phase  Beads
  • C4
  • C8
  • C18
  • Cyanopropyl
  • Phenyl
  • diPhenyl
Ion Exchange Beads
  • DEAE (WAX)
  • PSA (WAX)
  • SAX
  • WCX
  • SCX
  • Hydroxyapatite
Antibody Purification & IP
  • Protein A
  • Protein G
  • Protein A/G
  • Protein L
  • Quick IgG Pure Beads
  • Antigen Peptide
  • Quick IgM Pure Beads
  • Anti-IgG Beads
  • Quick IgA Pure Bead
  • Thiophillic Beads
Antibody Immobilization
  • Protein A
  • Protein G
  • Protein A/G
  • Protein L
  • Epoxy-activated
  • Aldehyde-terminated
  • Hydrazide-terminated
  • Carboxyl-terminated
  • Iodoacetyl-activated
  • Thiol-activated
Recombinant Protein
  • Ni+ Charged Beads
  • Co+ Charged Beads
  • Maltose
  • Calmodulin Beads
Peptide Immobilization
  • Epoxy-activated
  • Aldehyde-terminated
  • Carboxyl-terminated
  • Amine-terminated
  • Iodoacetyl-activated
  • Thiol-activated
DNA/RNA Purification
  • Blood
  • Saliva
  • Stool
  • Food
  • Soil
  • PCR Products
  • mRNA
  • Heteroduplex DNA
    (Mutation Isolation)
DNA/RNA Immobilization
  • Genomic DNA/RNA
  • mRNA
Endotoxin Removal
Small Molecule
  • Epoxy-activated
  • Aldehyde-terminated
  • Hydrazide-terminated
  • DVS-activated
Abundant Protein Removal
  • HSA Removal
  • IgG Removal
  • HSA/IgG Removal
  • Abundant-10 Protein
  • Abundant-22 Protein
Cell Isolation
  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Cell
  • Parasites
EDTA-Magnetic BEads
  • NTP/Oligonucleotides
  • Enzyme
  • Antibody
  • Peptide
  • Boronic Acid
  • Disulfide Reductants
IDA-Magnetic Beads
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DNA/RNA Purification
Recombinant Protein
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Small Molecules
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Peptide Immobilization
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BioMagnetic Beads
Recombinant Protein & Codon Optimized cDNA
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BcMag™ Monomer Avidin Magnetic Beads
BcMag™ Monomer avidin Magnetic Beads are 1 µm, uniform, silica-based superparamagnetic beads coated with high density
ultrapure (>97%) avidin subunit monomer on the surface.  Unlike streptavidin, the bound biotinylated molecules can be easily
eluted from the Monomer avidin Magnetic beads by mild elution buffers containing 2 mM biotin. The monomer avidin retains the
specificity for biotin , however, its affinity for biotin binding dramatically decreases (kD approximately 10-8 M).  The Beads  are  
specifically designed, tested and quality controlled  for use in immunoprecipitation, cell sorting, rapid single-step capture of
biotinylated molecules such as DNA, RNA, antibody or protein from cell lysates or hybridization reactions.

Features and Advantages
  • Quick, Easy and one-step high-throughput procedure; eliminates columns or filters,
or laborious repeat of pipetting or centrifugation (Fig.1)
  • High binding capacity and elute bound biotinylated molecules in  mild condition
  • Purifies biotinylated products under mild elution conditions
  • Exhibits little nonspecific binding
  • Scalable - easily adjusts for sample size and automation
  • Low cost: only half the price of competitors’ magnetic beads
BioMagnetic Beads
Recombinant Protein & Codon Optimized cDNA
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